Ambient Cohesion

   Nicolas DeRosa

I created this website to assemble

a resevuior of minimalist, modern,

and brutalist architecture and design

of which I personally find appealing.

Any of the designs on the website are

not of my creation, so I will credit the

archetects and firms appropriately.

This is not a comprehensive list of all I find interesting, just some.

1. Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

A Japanese archetecture firm which specializes in modern, top of the line homes.

Utilizing clean, white materials and sharp lines to create an atmosphere of immaculacy.

And as would be expected from quality, prestige, and high square footage, the cost

of these structures are scaled accordingly.

1. Anwar Aljufrey

        introduction information here



Any feedback is apreciated.

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This webiste is heavily inspired by Minimalissimo and Schemata
Background IMG CCBY Uva Rova